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This Ibanez steel-string has been my trusty acoustic guitar for at least 15 years.  As I understand, it’s probably from the early- to mid-80s, and it’s still in awesome condition since I baby it.  It’s no Martin, but it’s got a nice warm tone, and it’s got a little fret buzz on the lowest strings, which some people would consider a liability, but that gives it a gritty sound when you power chord it. Once while I was practicing, someone in another room peeked their head in the door and said “Whoa…that’s an acoustic? I totally thought I’d see you in here playing electric guitar!”

When I started experimenting with contact mics, of course this guitar was one of my first go-to instruments to record. For this Ableton instrument rack, each string (and a few notes up the neck on the high E-string) has been recorded several times, to avoid a robotic sound.  A few macro knobs have been added to control reverb, chorus, filter cutoff, and release time.  There’s also a cool tremolo effect that you can dial in, which to my imaginative ear gives it a “vintage space-age western” effect.

Check out the sound demos below!

We’re making this a free download for now, but are recording more nifty and unique acoustic guitars for an expanded Live pack, so grab this one while you can! In the works: a nylon-string flamenco guitar, and the Emenee Tiger — a vintage plastic toy guitar.

If you make anything cool with this, let us know, we’d love to hear it!


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  • Cody O'Brien


    Great guitar


    • Critical Vibrations


      Thanks, glad you like it!


  • Mehmet


    You are the best


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