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When bigcat instruments released the free City Piano a few weeks ago, it was a big hit. But it was only available in Kontakt and SFV formats…until now! We took all 440 samples and ported them over to Ableton, and made a few tweaks in the process.

The City Piano is a fully-sampled Baldwin baby grand, with four velocity layers and release samples, to boot! All samples are in 44.1/16 stereo WAV format. We ran all the original files through a de-noise filter to clean them up…but even though these aren’t “perfect” samples, they’re expressive and have a lot of character.

This version for Ableton has a bunch of parameters mapped to macro knobs, so you can dial in a wide variety of tones and timbres, from a warm mellow tone to crisp and bright, a nice detuned honky-tonk sound, and even koto and organ-ish tones with some of the more extreme settings.

Check the demo tracks below, then download the City Piano and let us know what you think!

P.S. – If you’re looking for more cool free pianos, make sure to visit bigcat instruments and check out their Free Piano Collection for Kontakt, which includes the original City Piano as well as a Yamaha C5 and Steinway Model B.

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